Sealing labels for mobile phones and cameras, label seals, labels without
separator, labels for forgery prevention, security labels, labelers, planning
and design for package, bands, tapes, packages

Company Profile

Company History

1957 Founded TAKARA KOGYO LTD. with Osaka Headquarter and Kyoto Sales Office
1959 Opened Tokyo Sales Office
1960 Opened Nagoya Sales Office. Launched adhesive labels
1961 Launched self-labelers and box sealers
1963 Launched vinyl ties and tie-matics
1964 Launched thermo carton sealers
1967 Introduced flexographic Thorn 9000 4 colors printers from the United States Launched automatic labelers and automatic box sealers
1969 Opened Hiroshima Sales Office
1970 Changed the company name into Takara Pac LTD.
1974 Newly built Yokohama Factory. The capital became 143 million yen.
Launched automatic labeler MarkU (The pulse motor is employed.)
1975 Launched automatic labeler Mark V
(100 m/minute high-speed type driven by the conveyer)
1976 Moved Kyoto Sales Office to the current address. (This office has become Keiji Sales Office.)
Launched automatic labeler Mark Y (30m/minute)
1978 Kiichi Tsuda was resigned and Masaaki Tsuda was inaugurated.
1980 Launched water resistant paper Treasure Tack
1981 Opened Kobe Local Office (currently Kobe Sales Office) and Kita-Kanto Local Office (currently Kita-Kanto Sales Office)
Invented manipulation preventive carton
1983 Opened Tokyo-Kita Local Office (currently Tokyo-Kita Sales Office); launched VLS labeling system; launched labels; launched label printers and thermo labelers
1985 Moved Tokyo Branch to the current address where a new building was built and made it Tokyo Headquarter
1986 Launched automatic labeler AL-86; launched TK labels and TK tapes
1987 Launched PBL and PBS
1988 Opened Shizuoka Local Office
1990 Entered Label and Tack International Safety Association (The Headquarter; England); launched automatic labeler AL-2000 and L-seal Softouch
1992 Launched TAB ON TAPE
1993 Launched thermo labels and thermo labelers; launched VLS-G
1994 Opened Kyushu Sales Office
1995 Launched TT-V
1996 President and CEO Masaaki Tsuda was inaugurated as Chairman and Kunio Tsuda was inaugurated as President and CEO; launched ABLS
1999 Launched automatic labeler AL-3000 and BA-3000
2001 Went to the top in the flexographic printer section (line drawing and process section) of the World Label Competition
Developed the e-com system
2002 Launched LF-labels and LF-labelers; launched taping machines for manufacturing lens. TAKARA PRINTING LTD. acquired the approval for ISO9001.
2003 Launched TD-U labels
2004 All of the offices acquired the approval for ISO14001. Kansai TAKARA PRINTING moved to the newly built factory; launched TD-V labels
2005 Celebrated the 50th year in business; launched TM labels; completed TT-V (90/minute)
2006 Launched automatic labeler AL-5000 and BA-5000; TAKARA PRINTING moved to the newly built factory; launched TD-W labels
2008 Moved Osaka Headquarter to the current address where a new building was built; launched ABLS-U and TAB ON TAPE-V
2009 Won the top prize in the flexographic printer section of the World Label Competition
2010 Launched digital printing labels, LF tags, and high-speed labelers coupled with the printer
2011 Launched BL printer labelers and BA printer labelers
2012 Introduced convex rotary 7 colors printers and flexographic 8 colors printers
2013 Moved Kobe Sales Office to the current address (changed Hyogo Sales Office into Kobe Sales Office); scheduled to establish


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