Sealing labels for mobile phones and cameras, label seals, labels without
separator, labels for forgery prevention, security labels, labelers, planning
and design for package, bands, tapes, packages


Labels We add functions to labels.

We can add various functions to labels including sales promotion as a face of the product or tool for campaign and so on; communication on the best-before date, the raw material, and so on; protection of confidential information by leaving a proof in case of opening; prevention from manipulation of the product and pilfering; environmental conservation; easy-opening (universal design) sealing.
Also, adequate combination of base materials of the surface and adhesive is necessary, depending on the adherend, use environment, etc. TAKARA offers high-quality products from design to printing and processing by selecting adequate materials with long-time experience and technological capability.

Do you know the Tie-Ribbon?

Do you know the Tie-Ribbon?

It was TAKARA that took a patent for the first time on the Tie-Ribbon which is the original easy-opening packaging material sold with a sales copy “Open by twisting, and close by twisting.”
Now, ”polycore-ties” that employs plastic core instead of iron core has been gathering attention from the viewpoint of environment and safety. TAKARA offers plastic bags, shrink labels, and film for pillow packaging and so on as well as banding materials.

Tapes are unexpectedly important, aren’t they?

Tapes are unexpectedly important, aren’t they? We offer products for wide range of use from tapes for package and logistics including sealing of containers and boxes, temporary sealing of opening of the home electric appliance at the time of transportation, and sealing of the magazine simply packaged at the time of shipping, to industrial tapes that are used for fixing in the process of manufacturing products.


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