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Introduction of Labelers

LF Labeler

About LF Labeler

Self-adhesive label that doesn’t produce any waste…it’s LF label.
We developed “LF Label (Liner-free R Label),” label without separator, from the adhesive label product as we wanted to eliminate separator which used to accompany adhesive products. Attachment of the label produces no garbage of separator, resulting in reduction of CO2.

Characteristics Characteristics
* This label doesn’t require any separator that @becomes unnecessary after usage, resulting in decrease of co2.
* Labels for hand working can be easily cut by hand.
* Labels for automatic labeling can increase the work efficiency @of the work with long reel. (In case that LF labeler is used.)
LF labeler dedicated to LF labels This is an environmentally friendly labeler without separator exclusively used for LF labels. The length of LF label is longer than that of the existing labels with separator (2-3 times longer, depending on the base material of the label), so replacement of the label becomes less frequent, resulting in increase in the work efficiency.
LF labeler dedicated to LF labels
The main body of LF labeler, an automatic labeling device


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