Sealing labels for mobile phones and cameras, label seals, labels without
separator, labels for forgery prevention, security labels, labelers, planning
and design for package, bands, tapes, packages

Company Profile

Greeting by the Representative

President and CEO Kunio Tsuda We creates future packaging with the motto, respect for people.

TAKARA PAC LTD. was founded as a sales company of adhesive cellophane tapes in 1955. Since we began to work on printing and processing of adhesive labels as developed form of tapes printed, we have accumulated unique technology by focusing on development of packaging materials, mainly adhesive products, and labor-saving machines always from the viewpoint of users, with the motto “Let’s take importance of humans,” which is our basic management philosophy.

Since we introduced the flexographic press from the United States as a printing and processing machine for adhesive labels in 1967, we have been making efforts also on its diffusion as a pioneer of flexographic printing technology in Japan. Moreover, in 2004, we acquired the approval for the international standard ISO14001 in order to positively work on the environmental problem and contribute to the society. Thus, we have been pursuing human-and-earth friendly packaging.

In 2010, the Company celebrated her 55th year in business. In the future, with the spirit of human dignity, we will capture needs of the age from various viewpoints, taking advantage of automatic recognition technology such as bar codes and 2D symbols as well as information technology such as the internet with the background of adhesive processing technology and labeling technology of adhesive products that we have cultivated, and then we will suggest from design and planning of product packaging to streamlining of packaging process, moreover, security packaging and traceability system that offer safety and security to consumers, and solutions for environmental problems, collecting wisdoms of all of the employees and exercising our planning and creative capability.


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